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What is Evidence-Based Practice?

There are many definitions of evidence-based practice (EBP).   There are minor differences, but most basically say the same thing. One of the most well known definitions is:

“Evidence-based medicine is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.”
(Sackett D et al. Evidence-Based Medicine: How to Practice and Teach EBM, 2nd edition. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, 2000, p.1)

There are three basic parts of EBP which include the integration of clinical expertise, scientific evidence and patient/caregiver values. By incorporating these three aspects, high-quality services can be provided.  Because EBP is both objective and subjective, it is important to find highly qualified therapists or other service providers. Research of strategies is prevalent, however, it is ever changing.  By ensuring best practices or therapy is delivered, providers need to maintain certifications and ongoing education.

The objective part of EBP is simple. Service providers can be trained in various strategies, which have been proven to be effective. The subjective part of EBP becomes a little more complicated.  Every strategy is not ideal for every client. Family, clients, caregivers, environments, disorders, personal traits, characteristics and goals all come into play and must be evaluated.

Prior to beginning services, speech therapy or other, look into your service provider. Ask questions to ensure you are getting the services you or a loved one needs. At The Speaking Company, we require all of our speech-language pathologists to hold both state and national certification, complete ongoing education. We provide the opportunity to collaborate with other SLPs, assign mentors and complete cross checks on evaluations and therapy plans.

Every voice has a purpose and it is our mission to help you discover it.

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