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What are Consultative Services with TSC?

Many of our clients, families and caretakers are pressed for time.  In today’s world we are all so busy and sometimes things slip by. Fortunately, TSC has come up with a solution! We are happy to announce we are now providing monthly consultative services.

But, what does this mean?

Traditional therapy, as people normally think of therapy, is one-on-one or small groups working directly with a speech-language pathologist.  While this is typically what we recommend to maximize progress and reach goals, it may not be realistic for everyone. Consultative services are typically indirect – in which families, caretakers, teachers or clients themselves are set up with skills, strategies and practices to implement outside the therapy room.  An SLP doesn’t work directly with these clients. TSC has taken this to the next level.  While we are happy to set our clients up with skills and strategies to use, we prefer building personal connections and incorporating one-on-one time.  Our consultations are different and combine both direct and indirect services.  We see clients once a month (in person or via telepractice) to not only give them skills and strategies, but show them how to use, provide examples, work one-on-one with clients and also provide them with a month’s worth of therapy activities to complete at home.  

By using this approach we are able to maximize progress and correctly set our clients up with all of the resources they need. Our ultimate goal is to help any client, pediatric or adult, meet their communication goals where they are.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more!

Next Steps

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