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Welcome to The Speaking Co.!

Welcome to The Speaking Co. where “Every Voice has it’s Purpose”. We hope to add value to all of our contacts, clients and families. As a private practice, we offer both in-home and telepractice therapy services, all HIPAA compliant to best meet the needs of our clients.

What are the benefits for private practice speech therapy?

  1. Flexibility:
    We provide a flexible schedule and two options to receive therapy to meet your needs and cater to your busy schedule.  We all know how hard it is to commit to weekly therapy sessions, especially when it means having to add travel/traffic time, potential childcare, and of course the added expense of transportation.
  2. Truly Individualized:
    As many of our SLPs have worked in the school setting and acute care/outpatient settings, we all know there is so much red tape.  Through private practice, we are able truly customize services, both type, duration and frequency to provide the absolute best services for our clients.
  3. Family Involvement:
    In other settings, families are informed, but not necessarily involved as we believe they should be.  When clients attend a session with our SLPs they are given evidence-based practice strategies, exercises and information. Our clients complete tasks during sessions, but what about the time out of therapy?  Family involvement is vital for increased progress, which is what we strive for.

We look forward to providing this to you, your colleague, or loved-one. Every voice has it’s purpose and we intend to find yours!

Next Steps

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