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Benefits of Teletherapy for Clients

Easy scheduling

Clients are able to schedule their therapy sessions online.  Changing appointments is easy, can be done any time of day from anywhere with an internet connection.


Maximal privacy is ensured for every therapy session.  Seeing acquaintances in waiting rooms is no longer a concern for our clients who want to keep their services 100% confidential. Clients can keep their services as confidential as they prefer.


Teletherapy allows more flexibility to fit session into your busy everyday life.  Schedule when you want and cancel when you want. Easily fit sessions into your limited time frame from the comfort of your home.


Commutes can often be frustrating, stressful, more time consuming than actual therapy sessions. By eliminating commutes to and from therapy, we increase efficiency and save you commute time and costs.

Easy Access

We reach clients locally and in remote areas through teletherapy. We reach clients who are unable to drive. Access to therapy is simple and easy. You only need a high-speed internet connection, a computer and a quiet environment (although headphones are highly recommended as well).

Minimal Wait Times

Near immediate access to services is a possibility through teletherapy. No more wait times, no more crowded waiting rooms, no more time wasted allowing you and our SLPs to provide optimal services in a timely manner.

Next Steps

Schedule a quick call or consultation to learn if we are the best fit for your speech therapy needs!